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When was the last time you felt truly focused? Dialed in. Completely ready for what’s next. Nothing can stop you from achieving this next goal. Probably been a little longer than you’d like…and you’re not alone. Since 2015, people in the US have increased their internet searches of “more focus” by a ridiculous 723%.1 

More focus on its own would be great, but what about combining that with euphoric energy catalyzers alongside clinically proven cognitive boosters? No matter what you need it for; work, school, the weights, or your next trip to the park, STORM™ Focus is your secret weapon to hitting your next level.  

STORM™ Focus features: 

  • Full disclosure label (no proprietary blends) 
  • Neurofactor™ - Increased Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) production 
  • BrainBerry® - Standardized for high levels of Cyanidin-3-O-glycosides, and clinically validated improved focus and psychomotor speed  
  • Astragin® - Absorption enhancement for radical results 



Ingredient Highlights

STORM™ Pre-Workout Full Disclosure Label 

Our formulas aren’t hidden by proprietary blends, which means you get exactly the dose shown on the label, of each active ingredient. Formulated by our internal scientists, we proudly showcase the clinically proven doses of each active ingredient.

Neurofactor® 50mg

Derived from whole coffee fruit, NeuroFactor® is comprised of a unique profile of polyphenols that have been clinically shown to increase levels of a key neuroprotein that is vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking. All natural and incredibly powerful, clinical data shows it to be capable of increasing Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor by up to 143% in humans.

BrainBerry® 32.5mg

Found naturally within the Aronia berry, this stimulant-free compound has been shown to significantly increase focus and reaction time. Unlike most ingredients, BrainBerry® is unique in that it is capable of passing the blood-brain barrier, which has been shown to increase oxygen uptake within the brain. It then adds additional benefits by lowering the activity of the enzyme Acetyl Choline Esterase, to maximize neurotransmitter production.

CDP-Choline 125mg

While BrainBerry® is actively working to decrease the activity of Acetyl Choline Esterase, the most effective form of Choline is included to guarantee your brain has all the Acetyl Choline (a powerful neurotransmitter) it can handle.

Astragin® 25mg

Shown to support increased absorption of a wide range of nutrients, this will make sure you get absolutely every extra ounce of focus possible.

L-Tyrosine 500mg

One of the ultimate precursors to the most effective focus and energy enhancing hormones found in the human body. Directly involved in the creation of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, this amino-acid will not only boost focus but can help fight stress and the fatigue that is commonly associated with it.


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